Papercut art brings a little more dimension to your wall art. Without any paint or pigments at all, artists use only paper and X-acto knives to carve out super intricate layers and landscapes that will remind you of pop-up books. If you’re looking for a new piece of wall art (or a new DIY skill), papercut art is worth exploring. Here are 15 pieces from some of our favorite paper cutting artists in the game.

1. Fionna and Cake ($20): Artist Kevin Jay Stanton not only brought this dynamic duo to life in paper, but he put them on a slab of wood. Let the adventuring begin!

2. Octopus Adventure ($300): Amidst layers of waves comes a fantastic octopus about to rival a ship. Such an epic adventure was dreamt up by Jared Andrew Schorr.

3. Snowflake Necklaces ($36): These snowflake pendants are an absolutely stunning handmade gift option that go above and beyond what you could find in any gemstone. Artist Sarah Trumbauer also offers cards and prints in her Etsy shop.

4. Lady in Red Print ($52): How beautiful are those paper feathers? We think we’ll make try making a whole framed picture of those with inspiration from Sarah Dennis.

5. Ballerina Silhouette ($72): Tina Tarnoff most often works in silhouettes, making everything from framed pictures to beautiful pendants. This one would be perfect for the dancer in your life.

6. Birdcages: Annie Howe of Bmore Papercuts has an eye for the fanciful. She loves adding trees, leaves and bunting to her designs, so naturally, we’re obsessed.

7. You Are the Beez Neez ($80): Greeting cards are all well and good, but if you really want to impress someone, send them a message in papercut courtesy of Julene Harrison.

8. Hospitality Lasercut ($90): Well, Béatrice Coron has a way of bringing pictures to life in ways that remind you of a picture book. She creates entire worlds with paper, and she even has a TED Talk about it.

9. Otter Paper Sculpture ($225): Nothing says “love” like a pair of otters with their tails entwined. Jackie Huang specializes in childlike images that you can buy as sculptures, pop-up cards and ornaments, all from her Etsy shop.

10. Bouquet Lamp ($110): Whoa. We’ve never seen lampshades like these. Tord Boontje created these absolutely dreamy lamps that transport us to another world.

11. Birth Announcement ($175): The delicate art of papercut is perfect for a baby’s nursery, and thus perfect for a birth announcement. Ingrid Louise has tons of options for you.

12. Chesapeake Bay Topography Map ($40): We absolutely love this idea. Marnie Karger makes paper topography maps of various shorelines, and they’d be perfect for a place you want to remember.

13. Paper Cut Ketubah ($385): A ketubah is a Jewish wedding tradition that lays out the responsibilities of the groom to the bride. Artist Danny Azoulay updates it with super intricate, lined detail, creating a papercut frame.

14. Personalized Harry Potter Card ($7+): Everyone loves a handcut card, and we know at least a dozen people who would love this Harry Potter one. Chloe’s Crafts has a lot more cards to stun your next birthday card recipient.

15. Flower Owl Template ($12): Suzy Taylor wants all of us to get in on the fun, and that’s why she’s offering this $12 download for you to cut out an owl pattern for yourself. It looks like you’ve got your next craft night in order.

What’s your favorite way to display papercut art? Let us know in the comments!