An indoor garden is a fab way to amp up your Insta game, but it isn’t always easy being green. Sure, there are lots of tricks and tools out there to keep your edible garden dreams alive, but finding one that does it all in one simple step is a total win. LeGrow has developed smart garden kits that will keep your growing friends nurtured with fun, Lego-like pieces. Just click and stack the planters together and you’ll have a totally self-sustaining indoor ecosystem. Ready to see how it works? Scroll on for all the deets!

Each element of the LeGrow system serves a purpose to give you the healthiest greenery ever. The pots are outfitted with an internal water reservoir so you literally cannot over or under water your babies. And an LED lamp shines on the plants to keep ’em growing — even in rooms with no light! There’s also a humidifier that produces a light mist to keep leaves from drying out. Talk about a total package.

And if those impressive elements aren’t enough to get you ditching clay pots for good, you should know that some of the planters also boast a charging port. Yep, the LeGrow Power Pot includes four USB ports for all your devices, including a Quick Charge 3.0 port for your smart phone. So, now your succulents can keep you AND your tech goodies productive all day, erryday.

If you’re ready to jump-start your jungalow queen dreams with the tidy and efficient Power Pot, you can pledge $20 or more to the LeGrow Kickstarter campaign RN. Imagine a whole garden full of fresh basil and mint right on your desk… did someone say mojito time?

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(Photos via LeGrow / Kickstarter)