Last year was *all* about hygge, the Danish trend featuring dreamy spaces decorated to the hilt with chunky blankets, flickering candles and mugs of hot chocolate with perfect piles of marshmallows. And while the cozy comforts trend isn’t really going anywhere until warmer weather heads our way, lagom might be the hottest new Scandi trend taking over Pinterest and Instagram in 2017.


Coming to us from Sweden, lagom (pronounced as “la” as in “bar,” “gom” as in “prom”) is set to be the latest Scandi trend. And unlike hygge’s cozy porn, lagom is a little more minimal and a lot more practical. It’s perfect because it’s not too much, not too sparse and just the right amount of comfort. (Photo via Archer Interiors)


If hygge was about a cozy feeling, lagom is all about finding the right balance between doing what you love, living frugally and being kind to the planet. And after an overindulgent holiday season, maybe it’s time to crawl out of your blanket throne and ditch your “hygge” moment of bliss for a more “lagom” way of living. (Photo via Inside Out)

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Naturally, IKEA has jumped on the trend with their Live Lagom collection that is designed with a sustainable lifestyle in mind. Partnering up with the University of Surrey’s centre for environment and sustainability and Hubbub, a charity focused on sustainability, IKEA is trying to help people save on energy and water, reduce waste and live a healthier lifestyle — all with the lagom ethos in mind. They’ve even produced a brochure on how to #livelagom with tips to create less waste, use less power and less water. Save money and the environment? Sounds like a win-win to us. (Photo via IKEA)


The lagom trend might be just the thing to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions to save more money, stress less and spend more time doing things you love. Lagom is all about enjoying a balanced lifestyle. Instead of spending a lot of money embracing a new trend, it’s more about making small improvements to make a big difference in your life. (Photo via Norsu Interiors)


Yes, it’s way more appealing to curl up with your mug of mulled wine and fuzzy pajamas, but the lagom way of living is less seasonal than hygge and is just what you need to nail that elusive work/life balance and enjoy a happy and balanced life, all while trying to live more sustainably. Now that’s a trend that should never go out of style, don’t you think? (Photo via Inside Out)

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(Featured photos via Norsu Interiors/IKEA)